Slate Super’s lifestages investment solution selects from four pre-mixed investment options – Sand, Coral, Ocean and Sky – to personalise an investment strategy that’s relevant to your gender, age and account balance.


We invest your super account into one of four pre-mixed investment options based on your gender, your age and your account balance (together, your “lifestage”). Younger members with smaller account balances will generally be invested in an option that has a higher allocation of growth assets such as shares, as you have more time to withstand the rises and falls of the share market.

As you age, and as your account balance grows, your account balance will move through investment options that are gradually investing more heavily in defensive assets, such as cash and fixed interest, to make your investment portfolio more stable as you approach retirement.

We’ll review your personal investment strategy against your gender, age and account balance annually, and change the investment option you’re invested in if you meet the criteria of a new lifestage.

You can read more about how Slate Super invests your money here.